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Cast acrylic sheet is also named plexiglass or pmma sheet. The material has virgin and recycled difference. With 100% virgin material produced, the clear sheet looks like crystal, having excellent characteristic. On the contrary, the sheets with recycled material will smell with bad odor, and becomes yellowish easily. FEATURES Cast acrylic sheet Produced with 100% virgin material from Lucite No recycled material High transparency rate, just like as crystal, therefore praised as"queen of plastics" Light weight in comparison with glass Superior weather resistance Can add anti-UV for outdoor use Easy fabrication Most superior in physical and chemical respects. Elegant appearance SPECIFICATION Thickness : 2mm~25mm Popular standard sizes : 1. 1220x1830mm 2. 1220x2440mm 3. 2050x3050mm (only produced at Shanghai factory) Customized sizes can be discussed based on certain volume The above sizes are without PVC gasket Packing as PE film or Brown masking paper

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